Introducing Sunrise Kingdom StencylWorks Tutorial Videos

If you are going to have a future making StencylWorks games than you will probably want to watch some of Sunrise Kingdom’s videos. There is a lot to making video games and SK just seems to have a knack with presenting some fairly advanced topics on Stencylworks video game making. I am going to be doing a series of posts explaining certain processes of video game design and implementation. While keeping these things as simple as possible I want to draw out some of the things covered in Sunrise Kingdom’s Turtorial Videos. So let’s begin!

I will be starting with SK‘s tips 1 through 6 video as I think it has a quick reward for us Stencylworks game makers.

At about 15 seconds SK shows you how you can flip right animations to reuse them as left animations and vise versa. If you get nothing else from the video this one tip alone is worth the watching it as it can save you a lot of time when making animations.

There are three other tips I found very useful in this tip tutorial (which could also be called quick keys or shortcuts) namely “Ctrl” plus “S” for saving, “Ctrl” plus “Enter” for testing and “Ctrl” plus “A” for highlighting a group of animations.

I think it would be great if you could encourage Sunrise Kingdom to make more StencylWorks videos by hitting the like button, subscribing to his channel, and leaving encouraging comments. I would also like to let you know that SK often asks people to leave their requests for tutorial videos so if their is anything you would like him to cover for making Stencylworks games leave the request on his videos as a comment.

~ Let The Games Begin ~

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