So you want to make a video game?

If you haven’t seen the stencylworks program yet I am glad to show it to you a little bit here. The program is free to download at and you can see a good overview of what stencylworks is there also.
I recently just found the program about three to five weeks ago. I have wanted to make video games for a long time now and thought that schooling was needed or at least a really good understanding of coding. I am surprised at the progress I am making with this though. The program is really neat in the way you can put animations together. I am still pretty surprised that it was free. If I had known what can be done with it I could have seen paying quite a bit for it. Here is an introduction video from stencylworks.

I can’t say it is completely easy or anything because it is not. What I can tell you is that if you take it little by little and keep it simple it is very user friendly in that it sort of works the way you would think it should work.
I made this blog to share my experience and experiences with you going forward in making video games across different platforms utilizing different programs and software. StencylWorks being one of them.Perhaps you are going to be making games also.(I Definitively want to hear about it) Welcome Friend. The journey has begun. Kung Fu Maintenance here out to make some wild games. The Little Blue Wing Games are getting ready to take off. Where this all ends is anybodies guess but it is a thrilling ride for me. I hope for you also. The possibilities are endless.
I must tell you, several days ago I thought I was stuck.I had made my own background and started animating the tarantula hawk wasp. I ran into several problems. You can see here in the video below the animation was choppy sizes all wrong and then the game pretty much blanked out on me. (This is for you to see only. I am leaving this Video unlisted on youtube so only people with the link can see it.)

Please understand that I have progressed quite a bit all ready and fixed the glitches you see in this video. I am only releasing this so you can see, better understand, and relate to how you can develop your own games if you wanted to, even after getting stuck. Now if you are only here to enjoy the games being developed that is ok also. I am very glad and hope to reward you well with some sneak previews of me games, some videos, The Kung Fu Maintenance Arcade, and eventually the games themselves.

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New Rendering Technology from Euclideon

Well some very ingenuitive (not really a word according to spell checker but who cares, I think you understand) people at Euclideon seem to be breaking through as they develop their new type of thinking outside the box technology for rendering graphics.
It seems they have found a way to overcome some of the limitations of traditional game rendering.They explain it all quite a bit better in the video than I can here but it seems they are able to scan in real life objects and render them with the minutest details. What they did is design a polygon converter that changes the traditional polygon shapes used in today’s games into an atom cloud structure that they can track and manipulate.They claim they are able to render these polygons at around one million atoms per cubic inch.Enough to show the minutest detail of dirt. They even claim that they will be able to increase the graphic quality of games by 100,000x. Now this remains to be proven but even if it was only ten or twenty times better that would be something.

Interesting to see how these things are progressing. I Wish I could use this rendering for my Little Blue Wing games.

What do you think of the graphics in the video? Do you think this technology will make a big difference in future games? Did you ever play Crisis 1 or Crisis 2 mentioned in the video? Did you notice much improvement in Crisis 2? Do graphics matter as much to you or do you care more about the playability ( another word my spell checker doesn’t like) or design of the game?

Make me, and my readers (oh wait that is you also), some noise in the comment box. I would like to hear your thoughts. The ongoing question (and the underlying theme of this blog) is, What makes a really good video game good?

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