What Makes a Really Good Video Game?

So I ask you. What is it that makes a really good video game?

Graphics, playability, intuitive design (ease of understanding controls),  good sound effects, responsive actors, great animations, game action, etc.. . . . There really is a lot that goes into the design of a good game. I am working on developing many, many, Kung Fu Maintenance Video Games. I recently found this program called StencylWorks. It is really neat (and it was free to download!).

Stencylworks has a lot of predesigned templates that allow you to create games by customizing tile sets, actors, behaviors, backgrounds,  music, scenes and much more. Now it is not completely easy to understand everything,  (At least for a newb like me.)  It does seem to be making the (at least for me) impossible possible. I am able to plug in my graphics and backgrounds and make video games that actually work. Now as I intend to show you there are many bugs to work out and much improvements to be made. However I am stunned to have made it this far and excited at the possibilities.

I made this blog so I could share this game making adventure with all of you. As the saying goes, “Wise man say, “Waterfall start with just one drop.”

Therefore I declare, “The water has broken and the baby is on the way.”

Ok, ok,  don’t freak out, the water hasn’t broken, yet, but the baby is in the oven. I just wanted you to have a small part in it. You can now be like an Aunt or Uncle to it. Wahhhhhhhahhhh!


Blue Tarantula Hawk Wasp

The Game In Development


I am starting in developing my Little Blue Wing Video Games. You can see a photo of the Little Blue Wing tarantula hawk wasp above which I made into a video you can see below.


and obtained the copyright for, which you can see here.


LBW Copyright

Little Blue Wing Copyright


My first attempted  animated background is from the waterfall in the Freedom Stream Video published on Youtube which you can see here.


And so I turn the discussion over to you. What makes a good game? Or what is your favorite video game and why? What do you think the order of priority is in the ingredients of what makes a good game? Sign up, sign in, and share in the discussion. Make some noise among friends in the reply(comment) boxes as we search for ways to make better games. Your tips and advice are needed and will be put to good use here. Let’s make some awesome VG s. Oh, and if you feel inclined please do subscribe to my youtube channel.

The best is yet to come,

Kung Fu Maintenance,

James H. Klovach

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